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How to restore the deleted Mac video files?


When some Mac users are not easy to download a movie,but in the process of operation,it is a pity that a careless hand is not carefully deleted.The general video falls in the waste paper basket and returns directly.The problem is,if the waste paper basket is empty,is it not coming back?This episode mainly introduces how to restore Mac's deleted video files.

In addition to movie videos,the deletion of some growing documentary videos is also a great loss for users.Therefore,it is recommended that you use DogDataRecovery for Mac software for data recovery.

Mac Data Recovery

The recovery effect of DogDataRecovery for Mac is very perfect.In addition to the physical damage of the disk,the file loss caused by other conditions can be easily recovered,and it has been favored by tens of thousands of users.

After the user downloads the software on the DogDataRecovery official network,in order to prevent the recovery process,other applications produce new temporary files,it is recommended to close the open program,and then follow the following steps.

Step 1:Select file types you want to recover.

Mac Data Recovery

What types of files you want to recover?DogDataRecovery for Mac Free allows you to filter file types before it scans your formatted hard drive.Or you just let it find all types of files for you.

Step 2:Scan your formatted hard drive.

Mac Data Recovery

Select your formatted hard drive.If you format your Mac HD,just select the Mac HD.Then click on“Scan”button to search the formatted hard drive and find all deleted/lost files.

Step 3:Preview and recover files after scanning.

Mac Data Recovery

After scanning,you can preview and recover the deleted files.

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