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How to restore the files deleted by the recycling station?


In the process of using a computer,we often put unused files or data into the recycling station.When the recycling station is not emptied,the data that is removed to the recycling station can be restored.But if the recycling station is emptied,the data from the recycling stations will not be restored.So,how do we do data recovery when the recycle bin is emptied?

In fact,the data is not completely disappearing from the hard disk after the recycle bin is emptied.The operating system only marks the disk space occupied by the deleted file as"idle"to store the new files.So before the new file is marked as"idle",the deleted files can be recovered by some technical means.

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Restoring files deleted from the recycle bin needs professional data recovery software.DogDataRecovery Free can provide professional delete file recovery function.As long as the file is not covered,DogDataRecovery Free can effectively and completely recover the files.In order to get the best data recovery effect,users should stop all other operations after finding data loss.Install DogDataRecovery Free immediately to restore files.

When doing data recovery operation,we should pay attention to that data recovery software cannot be installed in the partition that needs to recover data,that is to say,the partition of missing data should avoid writing operation as far as possible.The data recovery wizard operates intuitively,and the user can complete the data recovery operation according to the tips of the software wizard.

The specific operation steps are as follows:

Step 1:Select hard drive to scan.

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Where the files are lost?Just select the hard drive or device to start data recovery.DogDataRecovery Free supports to recover lost data from PC/Mac,hard drive,USB flash drive,memory card,digital camera,external hard drive or other storage media.

Step 2:Select file types you want to recover.

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DogDataRecovery Free supports to recover all types of lost files including photos,documents,videos,audio,emails,archives.Select the file types you want to recover and click on“Scan”button to search lost files on your hard drive.

Step 3:Preview and recover lost files.

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Users can preview and save files after scanning.If users can’t find all lost files after quick scan,just try advanced recovery mode to find more lost files.

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