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How to restore the hard disk data?


Monitoring video has become more and more frequent in the streets of our lives,such as banks,shops,public places,and other places,it is not an eye but a great thing.But when we need a surveillance video,how can we find it?What can we do?

There are several reasons for monitoring data loss of hard disk.

1.hardware failure:internal hard disk damage,resulting in data can not be accessed.

2.cycle cover:because the video recording capacity of the hard disk recorder is limited,the common record is recorded for three days,one week,ten days,half a month,one month...When monitoring the hard disk recorder reaches the predetermined limit capacity,the recent video will cover the previous video.

3.manually delete:for example,it is maliciously deleted,deliberately interfering with Judicial Forensics,or if the user mistaken and initializes in the process of using a monitoring VCR.

Data Recovery

How can we recover the lost monitoring hard disk data?

DogDataRecovery Free software can retrieve all kinds of lost files in the hard disk,such as video,pictures,music,Microsoft office documents,Outlook mail,program installation files,etc.,and can also recover data from a variety of storage devices of U disk,SD card,digital camera and Android mobile.Moreover,this data recovery tool is perfectly compatible with Windows and Mac computers.

Note:don't install DogDataRecovery Free software in the disk that you need to restore.If you need to restore the data in the D disk,please install DogDataRecovery Free software in C,E,F disk or mobile hard disk.In order to avoid an accident of data coverage.

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