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How to restore the NTFS partition?


We often hear about NTFS partitions,so what exactly is the NTFS partition?NTFS is the standard file system of Windows NT,including its,including 2000,2003,2008,7.and 7.respectively.

Why do we need NTFS partition recovery?

If you accidentally format your partition,or if there is corrupted or damaged NTFS partition,you will not be able to access the files on that NTFS partition.In the situations,a data recovery software can help you recover lost files from the partitions.The computer system or hard disk often shows following errors to remind you of the damaged partition:

Operating System not found

Invalid partition table

File system is displayed as RAW

Drive not formatted.Do you want to format now?

Cannot find file or program

Invalid command.com

Non-system disk

File names contain"weird"characters.

"Sector not found"messages.

Data Recovery

If you find that you accidentally format your NTFS or NTFS5 partition or your NTFS partition gets damaged or you cannot access your NTFS partition,then don't panic!Free NTFS data recovery software-DogDataRecovery Free can easily restore data from NTFS partition and undelete files from formatted,deleted,damaged or lost NTFS partition.

DogDataRecovery Free is a free NTFS data recovery software,which can help you recover data from formatted NTFS partition,restore deleted or lost NTFS partition under Windows.

Step 1:Select the hard drive where you lose your files.

Data Recovery

Step 2:Select the file types you want to recover.

Data Recovery

Step 3:Preview the files and recover the files.

Data Recovery

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