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How to restore the partitioned data after formatting?


Many small partners have such doubts.Is the partition recovered by data format wrongly?If the partition on the hard disk is formatted.The important documents in the inside are still not saved.What do you do?

First,I'll give you a solution.When the formatting operation is executed,it will not consider the original data content on disk,or delete old files first.Different file system types,the specific operation content of formatting is also different.For file systems such as FAT32,FAT16,FAT12,and so on,the file allocation table will be cleared(for short,FAT,fixed at the beginning of the partition,location information containing file data)and the root directory.

File data is generally not cleared.For NTFS file system,there is no fixed position requirement for formatted data.However,under normal circumstances,the location of each format is not changed.Therefore,most of the old file data will not be covered.There is still a lot of residual information for us to find the missing files.

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So please encounter the problem of partitioned format.Please don't be nervous.Download DogDataRecovery Free as soon as possible.It can help you recover data files,formats,files,pictures,videos,audio,e-mail and other data files stored in the partition before formatting.If the recovery is in time,the missing data is very likely to be recovered.

DogDataRecovery Free can easily restore the photos of all kinds of memory cards that have been deleted.It is a very professional,very competitive and widely used data recovery software,with powerful disk scan,disk diagnosis,data recovery,storage card file recovery and other functions.It is able to recover files that are deleted by format because of misoperation.

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