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How to retrieve deleted files using data recovery software?


You must be very strange,if the data is deleted,the recycle bin,it certainly can not recover deleted files.Can it be retrieved with the data recovery software?What is DogDataRecovery Free?

When the files in the computer are deleted intentionally or unintentionally,or are destroyed by the virus,and the partitions are formatted,those that are seemingly deleted are just"deleted",and the disk space occupied by the file data is labeled as"idle".The file data is not cleared,and it's lying on disk.

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As long as the file is deleted,no new files are created,and the operating system does not write new data,the deleted file data will not be destroyed,and there is an opportunity to restore them through a certain technical means.DogDataRecovery Free is the implementer of this technology.

First of all,we need to install the software we want on the computer,that is,DogDataRecovery Free.

Step 1:Select hard drive to scan.

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Where the files are lost?Just select the hard drive or device to start data recovery.DogDataRecovery Free supports to recover lost data from PC/Mac,hard drive,USB flash drive,memory card,digital camera,external hard drive or other storage media.

Step 2:Select file types you want to recover.

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DogDataRecovery Free supports to recover all types of lost files including photos,documents,videos,audio,emails,archives.Select the file types you want to recover and click on“Scan”button to search lost files on your hard drive.

Step 3:Preview and recover lost files.

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Users can preview and save files after scanning.If users can’t find all lost files after quick scan,just try advanced recovery mode to find more lost files.

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