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How to Undelete RAR Files?


This RAR application was the development of a Russian Engineer known by the name Eugene Roshal.This RAR application has the ability to store different formats of files in a compressed way.Once the files are compressed and stored in this application,users can access them as desired or share those files via internet.

All of the files that are stored in the system are not safe;one or the other way there are chances that that the information saved in the system may get deleted.Having a backup would be the safest way to restore those files without taking much trouble.

If you're not in the habit of maintaining a regular backup then this situation needs to be taken seriously.Recovering the files that are deleted from the system is not as hard as it seems.You have to just use accurate file recovery application,which has been equipped with all the desired features to restore the deleted data.

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Let's get to know some of the reasons that lead to the deletion of RAR files:

1.Using this“Shift+Delete”keys simultaneously when the files are selected causes deletion of the stored data.

2.RAR files infected with Virus are deleted by the anti-virus programs that are used in the system.

3.Incomplete file system conversion from NTFS to FAT may also lead to the deletion of the RAR files.

4.Unintentionally formatting the drive will erase all the data that is saved in it.

5.Emptying the Recycle Bin folder that contains these RAR files will also cause deletion of the data.


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