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How to use data recovery software to restore encrypted data?


How to recover locked or encrypted data?How to export data from an inaccessible hard drive?Or how to recover lost data from a locked SD card?Don’t worry!There are lots of effective solutions could help you recover locked/encrypted data.

Most of common users don’t choose data recover service,they prefer to DIY data recovery softwa

Data Recovery

Dog Data Recovery Free is an easy-to-use yet powerful data recovery software.It can help you:

Recover locked/encrypted data.

Recover lost data that deleted by virus,ransomware,malware,etc.

Export data from inaccessible hard drive,SD card,memory card,USB flash drive,external hard drive,etc.

Recover lost data from formatted hard drive.

Dog Data Recovery Free is very simple to use.The wizard-style interface makes data recovery become easy and quick.You just need download and install it on your PC or Mac,then run it to easily recover locked or encrypted data from your hard drive/storage media.

Please don’t put new files to the hard drive where your data is locked.Just quickly run Dog Data Recovery Free to scan your hard drive and recover the locked or encrypted data.Dog Data Recovery Free also can help you export all existing data and lost data from inaccessible hard drive.

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