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How to use free software to restore files deleted from the USB drive?


USB stands for Universal Serial Bus and it is an integral part of this digital world,for example,it is used extensively to connect computer with external devices like keyboard,mouse,smartphone,external drives and so on.USB flash drive is a widely used,tiny and useful storage device,and we use it in various ways in daily lives.

USB drives are important devices in data storage,management,transferring,etc.and bring about great convenience.It is very portable and small in size,thus users can carry it anywhere they go.Also,USB drive is able to provide large storage capacity,and users can store large amount of data on it for backup or data transfer.However,USB drive also causes problems like data loss issue.

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It is common wisdom that data loss issue is not avoidable,for various factors can lead to the issue.Files such as photos,videos,music,office document,application,emails and so on can get lost.Fortunately,USB data recovery is available and can be done via a couple of methods.If you are reading this article,you've probably lost some important data on USB disk and want to get them back.

You can try free USB data recovery software to undelete files.Most free USB recovery tools support recovering lost files caused by accidental deletion,deleted by shift+delete,removed from Recycle Bin,etc.But some recovery software cannot deal with sophisticated data loss issues.In that case,You can use professional data recovery software such as DogDataRecovery Free for data recovery.You can easily retrieve the lost data according to the following procedure.

Step 1:Select the hard drive where you lose your files.

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Step 2:Select the file types you want to recover.

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Step 3:Preview the files and recover the files.

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