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Photo recovery software by DogDataRecovery – Nothing disappears for good


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Do you feel like posting new photos to make your Instagram profile irresistible, but it turns out that all of them are gone? Sure, this may be a bitter blow, especially if those photos remind you of memorable moments. But do not fret about it because DogDataRecovery can help you out. We are delighted to introduce our user-friendly photo recovery software that is specifically designed to salvage everything that you believe is lost forever. Regardless of what has caused the inaccessibility of your files, now you can get them back without being charged sky-high prices for the service.

No storage medium is created flawless, and even a minor defect or bug can result in hundreds of lost images. With our photo data recovery software, however, it won’t be a problem for you to retrieve them. It is available for Mac as well as Windows operating systems and enables you to restore your files in a moment.

Rely on our photo restore software: Free download option and 3-step recovery process are included

Forget about 100-page manuals that make a retrieval process nothing but unnecessarily complicated and time-consuming. When using the photo file recovery software by DogDataRecovery, you only need to follow 3 simple steps to regain access to all the images that have been lost for some reason. Here they are:

Step 1: Select a disk partition/device

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Have your photos disappeared from the D: drive or a USB stick? Make sure you know where your files have been stored and select this storage medium after you run our program. It is designed to recover data from almost all drives and devices.

Step 2: Select a file type

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Besides photos, our software can salvage lost videos, audio files, archives, documents, and other data. Check all boxes that you need, choose a recovery type hereupon, and start scanning. You can go for a quick or advanced option.

Step 3: Get everything you need back

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Once the scan is completed, you will find all files retrieved from the selected storage medium. You can preview them and choose what exactly you want to recover. If there are no files that are a matter of your concern, click Advanced Recovery.

Download photo recovery software for your OS

Whether you’re running on Mac or Win, the photo data recovery software by DogDataRecovery will perfectly match it. Download it for free and save your money, time, and all important files. Remember, nothing is gone until you use our solutions!

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