If Ghost is partitioned, can the original disk files be retrieved

If Ghost is partitioned, can the original disk files be retrieved

Computer system operation has been very common, but it is still unavoidable for users to make mistakes when using Ghost to do the system to cause hard disk to become a C disk and make the other partitions on the disk lost which means the entire hard disk come into one partition.And the original partitions on the hard disk and the data on them all lose.

Users who are unfamiliar with Ghost or unfamiliar with English can easily make mistakes while restoring the system, for example, while restoring partitions: Local-Disk-From Inage. After these operations, Ghost assumes that the user wants to restore the image files onto the whole hard disk, so the software restores the image files of a previous partition to the whole hard disk. When it is finished, there will be only one partition left on the whole hard disk.

So the files become lost in this way. The users may not know what has happened after the loss and get anxious when they couldn't find the documents they need. Can't you find important documents? Are there no ways to resolve it?

In this case, professional partition recovery software should be used. A professional software, uncutdata recovery software can help you solve the file loss problems caused by partition loss.

Uncutdata recovery uses DiskGenius kernel scanning technology. When the software finds a missing partition, the users can judge whether they are the files that need to be recovered by the attributes of the partition and the files in the partition. And during the whole partition search process, there will not be any writing operation on the hard disk which will not have any impact on the original data.

So how to use uncutdata recovery software to help you recover lost partition data?

1. First, click Download and start uncut data recovery software. Choose the file format to be restored. The suggestion is to select all format types to avoid omission.

2. Next, you will be prompted to choose the disk partition. Which disk lost files? With the right selection, external storage media will be automatically identified. Select the partition to read, and click Next.

3. The software finished to be read will automatically generate a file list. Then open the file list to browse the files directly, find the files you need to restore.You can also seek in the file format list. If not found, select the depth scan.

If the partitions are re-partitioned, users may be confused. There are differences between FAT32 and NTFS in the partition. If we re-partition, how to choose?

FAT32 file partition format has better compatibility. A lot of Android phone memory cards are NTFS files. When you choose partitioning mode, it is prompted to format them in the form of FAT32.

ExFAT format: File names can be as much as 65536. Partition and single file can be as large as 16EB. Write and read speed is stable. However, at present only win XP sp3, Vista sp1, win7, win10 and other systems support this file format. Other systems can not be used for the time being.

Generally speaking, FAT32 file partitioned mode is compatible, and NTFS file partitioned mode has obvious advantages in file performance. Now the global network all uses big data transmission. A mobile phone photo needs dozens of MB, a movie video needs several GB. And it will continue to develop in the future to receive more documents and documents will be larger. The FAT32 file partitioned mode can be barely supported at present. But this development direction will obviously be eliminated, replaced by NTFS file partitioned mode. In the future, new file partitioned methods with better compatibility and better performance may emerge.

After the partitioned files are restored successfully, begin the re-partition. Pay attention to the followings during data recovery: due to the particularity of this data loss situation and in order to avoid the impact of write operation on data recovery effect, we suggest that the lost partitions should not be entered into the system before they are recovered. The best way to restore data is to do it under PE, or connect the hard disk to another computer that can be used normally. And then use the data recovery software to restore data.

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