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Is it possible to retrieve Recycle Bin files?


Are the files permanently deleted?No,when files are deleted or emptied from recycle bin files,they are not actually removed forever.Erased files from recycle bin stays in the hard drive as RAW data as its file details like file name,path,etc.will be cleared from table of content or file allocation table;this action indicates the hard drive that free space is available where a new file can be written or saved.Hence,deleted files from recycle bin are never permanently erased and can be extracted before free space is overwritten with new data.

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Yes,recovering files that are deleted from recycle bin folder is possible using reliable file recovery software like Dog Date Recovery.This is the best recovery tool available in the market to find and extract files deleted from recycle bin.It is specially designed with more than 30 features,which gives you efficient recovery of deleted/lost files from recycle bin.Apart from retrieving emptied recycle bin data,it has caliber to get back files deleted from portable hard drive,USB flash drive,memory cards and other popular storage media compatible on Windows PC or laptop.

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