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JAR file Recovery on Windows


“I just downloaded few important application and game files to my Nokia handset,which were of JAR format.It almost took me around 2 hours to search and download all those Java Archive files;my cell phone turned off and restarted immediately after download completion.

When I navigated my Nokia device to search and install those JAR application,I was surprised to see them missing.Since I don’t have time to re-download all those JAR application files again,I’m looking for a way to retrieve them back.”

Data Recovery

JAR File Recovery Tool:

Dog Data Recovery is outstanding tool through which users can retrieve lost/deleted JAR archive files from hard drive or any storage media on Windows system.Other than JAR files,it can recover variety of files Microsoft Office Word,Spreadsheet,Outlook PST,Publisher,PowerPoint,emails,compressed files,media files,etc in short time.

It is read only file recovery tool that restores erased or missing files without damaging them during the recovery process.It works effectively on Windows PC running on latest operating systems namely Windows 8,Windows 7,Windows XP,Windows Vista,Windows 2003 and 2008.

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