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Let us see the common reasons for PDF file loss


1、Human Errors:This is the most common reason for PDF file loss.You may accidentally delete a file or you might delete file using Shift+Del key combination which bypasses the recycle bin.

2、Virus Attack:Virus attack on the PDF file results in file corruption and eventually leads to file loss Power Failure:Power failure when the PDF file in use results in PDF File Loss.

3、Partition Error:PDF file lost due to partition error such as error during repartitioning.

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4、Format:Accidentally formatting the drive results in complete data loss from the drive including PDF files.

5、OS Crash:Operating system crashes which may occur at any point of time and due to several reasons.This may lead to deletion of your files present on your Windows machine.

6、OS Reinstallation:An OS reinstallation causes complete data loss from the computer hard disk Which might also include your PDF file.

7、Other Reasons:Other reasons such as improper shut down,unauthorized user or third party application may result in PDF file loss from the system.

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