Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

This is a legal agreement between you (individual or entity) and DogData Recovery software. After installing our software, you agree by default to be bound to the terms of this agreement.


This software is owned by DogData Recovery and is protected and supported by international copyright law and treaty provisions. DogData Recovery is the exclusive copyright of our products.


All of our softwares will provide you with a free or trial version. You can use the free version or trial version before the purchase. If you want a entire version, you must purchase an authentic software license. Users can use authorization code to activate software to gain software licenses. A user can obtain a license code. Registered product software shall not be sold or leased.


Trial or free version can be released free of charge. No individual or company may charge a fee for a free or trial version of DogData Recovery without the official written approval of the software.


You must not reverse-engineer, recompile, modify the software or try to find the source code of the software. Users may not transfer, sell, resell or distribute the software. It is strictly prohibited to sell and distribute copies of this software. Unless the terms and/or conditions of a separate agreement signed by DogData Recovery permit, the sale, lease, lease or transfer of software copies will be in violation of this agreement.


Our product is promised to be read-only. When using or misusing this software, the author is not responsible for data loss, damage, loss of profits or any other form of loss.


Provide email help only in the latest version. Instructions of software installation and use can be reached by e-mail If you have any questions about purchasing or updating our products, please email


DogData Recovery reserves the right to modify the software license agreement, and has the right to modify software, price and other related information without special inform . DogData Recovery reserves all rights that are not clearly granted here.


Before installing or using our products and services, please read this License Agreement ("EULA") carefully. If you do not agree with this license, you must immediately delete our product files from your computer or storage device and stop using our products to avoid unnecessary disputes.

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