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Meet your best Word file recovery tool


So, it disappeared; and only God knows how. You’ve been working hard for the past few weeks, but it seems like all your efforts are coming to nothing. We all know that it may badly hurt when an important file gets lost for some reason, and you can’t see it in the Recycle Bin. Time to heave a sigh of relief, though. Regardless of what has caused the loss that drives you bonkers, you can get your doc shown up in the folder again using our Word file recovery software.

Whether your file has been accidentally deleted, corrupted, virus-infected, or lost due to hard drive formatting, do not freak out. Install DogDataRecovery and let some technological magic save you the trouble. With this tool, you will be able to recover deleted Word documents as well as those files that have vanished through no fault of your own.

Make a couple of clicks, and here you go. Your doc is safe and sound, so you can get back to work without starting all over again. DogDataRecovery is here to provide you with peace of mind!

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How to recover deleted Word files with no formatting lost?

The traditional Word file recovery method involves the use of a standard converter, known as Recover Text from Any File. What makes this option inferior to the DogDataRecovery tool is that it only gets ASCII characters back. In the simplest terms, that means neither your formatting nor graphics will be recovered. Also, the conventional converter will not restore embedded objects in your file if any. It is only a never-ending sequence of words that it will retrieve, so get ready to spend plenty of time formatting your doc again.

If this is not what you expected, go for an easier, more advanced recovery method with our software. Not only will it retrieve readable text, but also DogDataRecovery will keep all the formatting, no matter the cause of loss. Download it now and do not let hardware troubles catch you unawares!

Apart from being the best tool to recover lost Word files, DogDataRecovery will enable you to retrieve data from corrupted hard drives, SD cards, RAID, and much more. The software is available in Windows as well as Mac versions and offers a variety of editions, including the free one. Check out the Download Center for more details.

Install our Word file recovery software and worry less should any computer troubles occur!

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