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Open Recycle Bin to restore your deleted Word file


Open Recycle Bin by double clicking the“Recycle Bin”icon from the desktop->Check whether your Word document file is present->if you find the document that you are looking for,then right click on it and Select“Restore”.This returns your deleted Word document to its original location.If you don’t find the Word file in the Recycle Bin then follow the second solution.

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1、Search for Auto Recover Files

Microsoft Word creates Auto Recover of a document which you were working on,whenever MS office closes improperly.When you re-open Word,it displays the Auto Recover files in the document Recovery task panel.From which you can open the Auto recover file and save that document as.doc file.If the first two solutions fail to retrieve your Word document,then you can use the third method to successfully retrieve your Word file.

2、Recovering Word by using recovery software

File recovery software like Yodot File Recovery is an amazing recovery program to identify and recover your lost Word document file.The tool recovers both deleted and missing Word file lost due to any data loss scenario.Other than document,the application also helps you in recovering images,videos,music and other file types from all storage devices such as hard disk,portable hard disk,pen drive,memory card,USB drives etc.

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