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Partitioned by Mistake, Emergency Recovery of Partitioned Files.


When a computer hard disk or a mobile hard disk is newly purchased, it needs to be partitioned and formatted. The hard disk can be divided into one or more partitions before it can be used to store data or install an operating system. Operating system is usually installed in the main partition which is set as active partition. Other data such as photos, music, videos, documents and so on are stored in other non-system partitions.

If partition changes occur in a file which uses a hard disk, for example, a partition is deleted by mistake. When the hard disk partition is lost, the data in the partition will also be lost in the same time. But after the partition is lost, the users need not be worried at all. According to the methods introduced in this paper, the lost partition and the data in the partition can be retrieved together.

The first thing we have to do is to retrieve the partitioned files and reorganize our partitions after ensuring that the files are retrieved. Why can you retrieve the lost partitioned files?

Because the data in the partition will not be cleared from the hard disk immediately after the partition is lost. The partition information is stored in the partition table, and the lost partition and data can be revived in situ by using the partition recovery software. Even if the partition table is lost, some professional software can help you find it such as uncutdata recovery software. It can effectively help you recover the lost partitioned files.

If you are worried about the complexity of the operation, then follow the editor to complete the whole process, you will find that restoring data is so simple. The operation procedure is as follows:

1.The first step is to download and start uncutdata recovery software. Choose the file format to be restored. The suggestion is to select all format types to avoid omission.

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2.Next step, you will be prompted to restore the file disk partition. Which disk lost files? With right selection, external storage media will be automatically identified. Select the partition to read, and click Next.

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3.The software finished to be read will automatically generate a file list. Then open the file list to browse the file directly. Find the file you need to restore.You can also seek in the file format list.If you can not find, select the depth scan.

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Look, it's so easy to retrieve partitioned files. If you are encountering the problem of lost partition files, or you are facing file loss caused by file deletion, formatting, virus attack, etc,you need this professional recovery software to help you solve the problems. This software can not only recover file loss caused by mispartitioning. In other cases of file loss, it still works!

When partitioned files are retrieved, many users face another challenge. How can I reorganize my partition and restore the files? This problem is still solved here for you.

In fact, Microsoft's Windows operating system takes into account the users' needs. It has the access of disk manager to facilitate the user's personalized allocation of hard disks.

Open your computer disk management area (My computer / Computer - Management - Disk Management).After opening, you can see the status of the disk. After right-clicking, you can see all the operations.

Repartitioning has just two cases:

1. If multiple partitions have been added to a partitioned disk, right-click--compress volume--allocate unused space

2. Repartition a new disk or partitioned disk, then right-click-delete volume-reallocate disk space

The first case add partitions but does not delete the original data. In the second case, all files in the disk will be deleted. So this operation must not be used in the disk of the currently running Windows operating system, otherwise the Windows Q
system partition can not be deleted.

Carefully operate your computer disk to avoid unnecessary file loss. And important file data should be backed up. Document security can never be overdone.

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