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Powerful Super Eraser to Erase Mac Data Permanently_Dog Data Recovery software


Everybody has secrets. Everybody has some private files that should not be shared. For Mac users, when they resell their Mac or share Mac with other people, they definitely want to erase some files containing private or business information. As we know that the deleted files (even you have emptied the recycle bin) can be easily recovered by data recovery software like Do Your Data Recovery for Mac. It is not safe when you just delete your private data. The data also can be recovered after you format your Mac hard drive with disk utility.

You can imagine how dangerous it would be when other people recover and find your very private photos, videos, documents, audio files from your Mac. So it is very important to erase Mac data permanently before you donate or give your Mac to others.

Mac Data Recovery

As we said above, deletion or format can't get your Mac data permanently lost. It is possible to recover data after deletion or format. In order to permanently erase Mac data, you have to turn to third-party data erasure software. When you delete a file, you just delete some KBs of the file to make the space of the file be available for other file. Before the disk space is taken up by other file, you can easily recover the deleted file. A third-party Mac data erasure software can destroy, shed, and overwrite the file, then makes it permanently lost from your Mac with no chance of data recovery.

Super Eraser for Mac: Erase Mac Data Permanently

Dog Data Super Eraser for Mac is a professional Mac data erasure program. You can download it from our site. It enables you to selectively erase files, folders. When select specific file(s) to ease by Dog Data Super Eraser for Mac, you don't need to erase the whole hard drive. It is very convenient for permanent data erasure on Mac or storage media like USB drive, Digital Camera, SD card, Memory card etc.

Mac Data Recovery

The principle of data erasure by Dog Data Super Eraser for Mac is very simple. When you are using Dog Data Super Eraser for Mac to erase Mac data, the software will destroy, shred your data and overwrite the disk space of the data by 0 bit. When the process gets finished, the data you have selected to erase will be lost permanently. The erased data can't not be recovered by any data recovery software or manual data recovery method. You can try data recovery software to scan your Mac hard drive, you will find the data recovery software can't find any trace of the erased data. It means you lost the data forever, nobody can recover it.

The data erasure process is very simple and time-saving. After launching Dog Data Super Eraser for Mac on your Mac, you just select the files you want to ease, the software will automatically erase the selected files. Very easy and 100% safe.

erase Mac data permanently

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