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Procedure to perform deleted file recovery on Windows XP


1.Download and install the software in a drive other than the one from where you want to recover deleted files.

2.Launch the software and start the recovery procedure.

3.You can see now two options which are“Deleted File Recovery”and“Lost File Recovery”.

4.Select“Deleted File Recovery”option and click next.The software will start scanning the hard drive to recover lost files.

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5.The software will display the list of found files in two different view types.

6.Make use of"Raw Search"option to recover specific file by giving its file type.

7.Choose files which you want to restore from the list of recoverable files and select the destination location to store the recovered files.

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Points to Keep in Mind:

1.Avoid using Windows XP hard drive for saving new files after deleting files from it.

2.Make use of UPS to avoid unnecessary fluctuation of power and sudden system turn off.

3.It is better to safeguard your data by creating its backup on multiple storage devices.


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