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Procedure to recover deleted RAR files?


What the computer does when it deletes a file is that it removes the links that are associated with these files,making the space empty so that the user can add new information in the same place.The deleted RAR file would be stored in the same place unless its overwritten by other new files.

The best product that can be used to restore deleted RAR files from the system is this Dog Data Recovery tool.Loaded with highly advanced features the user can rescue the deleted RAR files and save them to the desired location as available to the host Windows operating system.The entire drive is scanned within minutes and all the recovered files are listed in the particular format like on the basis of their file name,size of the recovered file,different file formats,the date in which the file was created and so on.Once the files are recovered,the user can preview the contents before saving them to the accessible location.

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Follow this simple procedure to restore deleted RAR files:

1.Download and install this tool in the system on a separate drive excluding the one from where the RAR files have been deleted.

2.Launch the application and proceed with the RAR file recovery process.

3.After you run this Dog Data File Recovery application you will be greeted with the following options on the main screen like“Deleted File Recovery”and“Lost File Recovery”.

4.Once you click on“Deleted File Recovery”,in the next screen you will be presented by all the partitions that are present in the system.

5.Select the partition from where the RAR files have been deleted and click on the Next button.

6.The scanning process takes place and the retrieved files are listed in“Data View”or“File Type View Format“.

Useful Tips:

1.Install the application in the separate partition from where the files have not been deleted.

2.Have a regular backup maintained in the separate drive so that it's easy to restore the files if you have encountered data loss scenarios.

3.Always have a good anti-virus program installed in the system.

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