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Procedure to Recover Files from Laptop


1.Download Dog Data Recovery application to your laptop.

2.Execute the installed software and follow the main screen procedures.

3.Select the option"Deleted File Recovery"option to retrieve your deleted files otherwise click on“Lost File Recovery”.

4.You will now see the drives present in your laptop.

Data Recovery

5.Select the drive from where you want to recover your files.

6.The software scans and displays recoverable files,choose the one which you want to restore and click"Next".

7.You can also preview the retrieved files using“Preview”option.

8.At last browse for the destination location to save your recovered files.

Data Recovery                        Data Recovery

Safety Measures:

1.Keep your Laptop fully charged so that you cannot get any interruptions while working.

2.Do not delete any file from your laptop unless you find that it is not so important.

3.Avoid emptying Recycle Bin without seeing its content.


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