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Procedure to Recover HTML Files


1.Download Dog Data Recovery software to your laptop or desktop and install it.

2.In case you need to recover deleted files from an external USB drive or memory card then connect it to your computer,by using USB cable or card reader respectively.

3.Now,launch the software and start the recovery process.

Data Recovery

4.Select"Deleted File Recovery"option from the two options that are displayed on the main screen.

5.Each and every available drive will be exhibited on the screen.Choose the one from which recovery is to be done.

6.The software scans the selected drive and shows all the files present in it.Files and folders with"Red Cross"indicates that they are the deleted ones.

7.Save recovered HTML files to a separate partition/drive,you may also compress them to save storage space.Since both these options are disabled in the trial version,so use"Save Recovery session"option.This will be helpful in saving time after software purchase.

Data Recovery                           Data Recovery

Suggested Tips:

1.Avoid storing new data to a drive or partition after losing data from it.

2.Backup your important HTML files before deleting it.

3.It is good to use Antivirus software to protect your HTML files from viruses.


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