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Recover Accidentally Erased Files(Windows)


Computers have become an indispensable part of our day-to-day life.Everyday hundreds of files like.doc,.pdf,.rar,.zip,.ppt,.mp3,.mp4,.avi,.jpg,.png etc,are created,stored and deleted.Users create these files using applications;store them on the computer hard drive,USB drive or any other removable media and deletes them when they no longer need a particular file.

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File deletion is done,when the file is no more required or to free the memory space or when there is two copies of the same file or when you don’t want others to access a file.All these cases are for intended file deletion and what if you delete them unintentionally?People delete files either one-by-one or altogether and use distinct approaches to do the same.That is either by pressing the"Del"key or using"Shift+Delete"keys or by right clicking and selecting"Delete"option on the menu bar.

  Many times you might have accidentally erased a wrong file which is important to you.Let’s see,which are these instancesL:

1.Used"Select All"to erase a bunch of files and that included an important one also

2.Used"Ctrl"key for selecting multiple files for deletion and unknowingly selected an important file along with it

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3.While doing Cut-Copy-Paste

4.Used"Shift+Delete"keys for deletion,as this action does not directs the file to recycle bin

5.Accidentally deleted files from an external media(when connected to the computer),as this action also doesn’t directs the file to a recycle bin

6.Unknowingly erased a large sized file,which failed to get stored in the Recycle Bin

When such accidental file deletion situations occur,a user who is not much tech-savvy presumes that the deleted file is gone forever and is unable to be recovered by him.But this is not true;instead it is still possible to retrieve files that are accidentally deleted,although not by the user,rather by utilizing a recovery tool.

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