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Recover Deleted Duplicate Files/Folders on Mac


“Hi, I just run a duplicate files finder app Gemini to scan my Mac to clean duplicates. It finds a lot of duplicate files and folders, and it helps me delete the duplicate files/folders by just 1 click. But I think it may delete some useful duplicate files. I open the trash bin, but find nothing, it is emptied. Can you help me to recover the deleted duplicate files on my Mac? Really thanks.” – Lisa

Duplicate files/folders will waste the disk space of your Mac. It is recommended to regularly scan your Mac hard drive and remove the useless duplicate files or folders. There are two ways to delete the duplicate files. First, you can search, find and delete the duplicate files by yourself. This is not the good solution. Most of Mac users rely on duplicates finder app like Gemini, Duplicate Detector, CCleaner, etc. But sometimes, you may delete a few useful duplicate files by mistake. Of course, there is a solution that can recover deleted duplicate files or folders under Mac OS X.

Mac Data Recovery

Data Recovery: Recover Deleted Duplicate Files on Mac

Mac data recovery software can easily recover deleted duplicate files on Mac even the files are erased, the trash bin is emptied. Dog Data Recovery for Mac Professional offers complete Mac data recovery solution for recovery lost data from any kind of Mac hard drive or storage media. After installing it on your Mac, you run it to easily recover deleted duplicate files, whether the files deleted by yourself or deleted by third-party clean app.

Three Steps to Recover Deleted Duplicate Mac Files or Folders

Step 1: Run Dog Data Recovery for Mac Professional on your Mac, and select the file types you want to recover.

Mac Data Recovery

Step 2: Select your Mac hard drive to scan.

Mac Data Recovery

Step 3: Preview and recover the files. Before you save the files on your Mac, you can preview the content of the files.

Mac Data Recovery

In most cases, the duplicate files are useless, you should delete to get more free disk space. But even the same name file contains different content in two files. When you delete the wrong duplicate files, you can run Dog Data Recovery for Mac Professional to scan your Mac hard drive and recover them within minutes. After scanning, the lost files will be listed in three ways: Path, File type, Time. So that you can easily find the files you want. You also can search the files by entering the file name.

It is recommended to edit the recovered files after you save them on your Mac. You may change the files name in case that the clean app regards it as duplicate.

Dog Data Recovery for Mac Professional is very powerful data recovery software. It can recover whatever you have lost , such as emails, photos, documents, videos, audio files, archives, etc. Whenever you get files lost on your Mac, you can run it to scan your hard drive and quickly find the files. It also can recover lost files from storage media device including USB drive, external hard drive, Memory card, digital camera, SD card, etc.

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