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Recovery After Operation System Re-installation


Because software installed in the system, redundant registry values, temporary data, garbage and so on will affect the operating system's running speed. In addition, there are virus attacks in the operating system, and sometimes the operating system crashes for no reason. When your computer is not running well, most people will try to solve this problem by reloading the system.

According to statistics, only a few users will have a backup of the system, and most users choose to reload the system after the system has problems. But after the system is reloaded, many users will find problems. Reloading the system may empty all your computer files. Many users who reload the system will lose important files.

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Re-installing the system involves system disks before formatting. This often results in users losing important files stored in the system partition. For example, many users like to save files on the desktop, so that the files will be formatted after re-install the system. Once the disk is formatted, it is likely that your files will not be retrieved.

Don't despair at this time. It's not impossible to retrieve lost files by reformatting them. It doesn’t need difficult operations, as long as you choose uncutdata recovery software, you can retrieve these missing files in just a few steps. So how to use uncutdata recovery software to retrieve formatted missing files?

1.The first step is to download and start uncutdata recovery software. Choose the file format to be restored. The suggestion is to select all format types to avoid omission.

Guide and Tips

2.Next step, you will be prompted to restore the file disk partition. Which disk lost files? With right selection, external storage media will be automatically identified. Select the partition to read, and click Next.

Guide and Tips

3.The software finished to be read will automatically generate a file list. Then open the file list to browse the file directly. Find the file you need to restore.You can also seek in the file format list.If you can not find, select the deep scan.

Guide and Tips

If you are in a situation that files are lost due to a computer system re-installation, you can see a list of restored files based on the above operation. Preview the files you need to restore in the list. If there are no files found in the existing list, then you can use deep recovery on software to read. Deep recovery takes a long time, but it reads the disk detailedly.

The situation of preview before recovery satisfies the needs of users who need recovery. In addition, uncutdata recovery software can not only recover the lost files caused by the system re-installation but also other cases such as deletion by mistake, virus attack, power failure and so on.

"Uncutdata recovery software is very useful recovery software. I had no idea that after reformatting my computer, my important files were formatted by me unintentionally, and I couldn't find them. I had to ask for help. And I found uncutdata recovery, a software to retrieve lost files. The result is a perfect retrieve of the lost reformatted files, and this software is really worth recommending.”

Guide and Tips                               Guide and Tips


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