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Recovery of Deleted Files from Hard Disk


There are times where you would have accidentally erased your important file from PC;it could be anything such as music,photos,text files,documents or any other file.And more to this you’ve also emptied your Recycle Bin,so is there any way to undelete these files from Windows hard drive?The answer is yes!Go through this page to find out how to bring deleted files from hard disk drive on Windows OS.

Every Windows computer user encounters this kind of dilemma at some point of time,but fortunately these erased/removed files from hard disk can be retrieved back.You might think that,how can this be possible.Let’s make it simple,deleting a file or folder from your hard disk does not erase it permanently from HDD,instead OS just removes the entries of deleted files from File Allocation Table.Do it means that deleted files are still present on your hard disk and recovering them is not a difficult task,so don’t panic,if any of your vital files from your PC hard drive are deleted by chance.

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What are the reasons for file deletion from hard disk?

1.Accidentally erasing or deleting few of your important files while erasing unneeded files or folders to free space on hard disk and then emptying Recycle Bin.

2.Making use of“Shift+Delete”key combination to erase your file due to which deleted files bypasses Windows Recycle Bin.

3.Interruptions that might arise when copying your files from hard drive to any external storage drives.

4.Virus/worm deleting your file or antivirus program scanning your HDD may delete few files without your knowledge.

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5.Improperly using cut and paste commands to move from one partition to another on hard drive or from hard disk to external drive.

6.Some users may accidentally delete their files from command prompt.

7.Deleting a large sized file or folder,will bypass Recycle Bin and fails to get stored in the Recycle Bin.

8.Apart from the above mentioned reasons,there are numerous causes accountable for the deletion of files from your computer hard disk.Likewise,you have many ways to retrieve these deleted files back from hard drive.

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