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Reformatted files recovery software


You can find many of reformatted files recovery solutions from Google search.Which one is the most effective and easiest one?Our recommendation is reformatted files recovery software–Dog Data Recovery Software.Dog Data Recovery is the powerful data recovery software that can recover deleted or formatted files from hard drive or storage media.It offers both quick scan and deep scan for recovery files from your reformatted hard drive.

First of all,you run the software in quick recovery mode to scan your reformatted hard drive in minutes.When the process gets finished,you could see if all files are found.If you can't find all the files you have lost,advanced recovery mode with a deep scan is available for you.The deep scan takes longer time,but it will find much more lost files,it is very effective for reformatted files recovery.

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Dog Data Recovery Software is very easy to use.Even a computer newbie can smoothly use it to recover reformatted files.A few clicks are enough to get all your files back.Here are three main steps running this software to recover reformatted files.

  Step 1:Select the reformatted hard drive

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  Step 2:Select the file types you want to recover

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  Step 3:Preview and recover reformatted files

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