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Restore Deleted Files in Windows Vista


Have you ever erased any of your important files thinking that they are not required?Since you deleted the file using“Shift+Delete”keyboard shortcut you couldn’t find that file in the Recycle Bin.Now what?No need to worry,you still have a chance to get it back.This article helps you retrieve your deleted files from Windows Vista hard drive instantly.

How can Deleted Files from Vista be Recovered?

Deleted files can be recovered,because whenever you delete any file from your Windows computer;the OS does not permanently delete them from your hard disk.It just deletes the index entry of the files and marks that storage space as empty,so that new data can be added to it.Unless those deleted files are not overwritten by any new files,those files are recoverable.

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Tool to Recover Deleted Files from Windows Vista-

You can take the aid of efficient file recovery software like Dog Data Recovery to restore your valuable files that are accidentally deleted from Windows Vista.It successfully recovers shift deleted files,files deleted from MS-DOS prompt or after emptying Windows Vista Recycle Bin.

It not only helps users in retrieving deleted files from Windows Vista,but also helps in recovering lost or missing files and folders from Windows Vista.It also restores files from Windows Server 2003,2008,Windows XP,Windows 7,Windows 8,Windows 10,aside Windows Vista.Along with hard drive you can get back deleted files and folders from external hard drives,USB drives,iPods,memory cards and other storage media on Windows PC.

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