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Restore Deleted HTML Files


HTML(Hyper Text Markup Language)is the predominant markup language for web pages.Web designers use HTML language to design web page and control all attributes like size,font,color,positioning of text and graphics on pages using tags.In HTML Web page,users can embed other languages like JavaScript and CSS that allows user to change the appearance and behavior of the web page whenever they required.

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The resulting HTML page can be viewed in browsers like Mozilla,Chrome,and IE regardless of the operating system of the host computer.So it’s necessary to handle HTML pages with care.However,users may delete such important HTML files by mistake or due to some technical faults.

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Best way to get back HTML files:

Undelete erased HTML files in simple steps by using Dog Data Recovery software.You can recover both HTML and HTM files from Windows system.This tool is preferred and suggested by many data recovery experts to find and extract various file types from any storage media on Windows OS.

This expert file recovery utility helps you in rescuing deleted or lost MS Office files,compressed files,media files,emails,from various storage devices.A free trial version offers you a glimpse of the recovered HTML files and a quick preview of recovered files before you save.


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