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Restore Files after Cutting files


For a common computer user,he even doesn't know he can restore the lost files after cutting files.Actually there are some solutions can help restore files after cutting files.Normally,we can restore these lost files from the location where you cut the files,we call it'original drive'.For example,you can recover the files from F drive when you have cut files from F drive to your USB drive.A third-party tool for data recovery like Dog Data Recovery can help you restore files after cutting files from your original drive.Follow the three recovery steps,you will get your lost files back.

Step 1:Select the drive or device

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Select the drive or device where you cut the files.Select the F drive as target drive,for instance,if you have cut files from F drive.

Step 2:Select file types

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Select the file types that you want to recover.If you don't select,the program will find all lost types of files by default.

 Step 3:Recover the files

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Preview the recoverable files and save them on your drive or device.

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