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Retrieve Word Documents Saved on USB Drive


“I have lost a very important document from my USB drive;I was working on some Word files on my notebook a few days ago.I used to open Word documents directly from my USB and save them on itself without copying those Word files to my notebook.I’m on Microsoft Vista,is there any way that I can get back those lost Word files from flash drive?”

This kind of mishap can happen to anyone prior warning,usually people store their important information on their USB drives;sometimes the value of data stored on USB drive is more worth than the drive itself.However USB drives are not stable as compared to other storage devices and using them to store vital data for too long is a very bad idea.

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In many cases,Word files from USB drive can get lost/deleted due to many unforeseen reasons.But luckily with the help of a few inbuilt techniques or using a recovery tool,you can retrieve these Word documents easily.Before going into the recovery steps,let’s have a look at some case scenarios for deletion/loss of Microsoft Word files from USB drives as listed below:

1.Word files mistakenly deleted from USB drive does not get stored in Windows Recycle Bin.

2.Formatting USB device containing your Microsoft Word documents.

3.Corruption of USB drive due to virus/malware infections or drive errors.

4.Antivirus utility scanning USB drive for viruses may erase certain Word files without your knowledge.

5.Abnormal system shutdown while transferring Word documents from USB to computer.

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