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Simple procedure to Retrieve Cut Files


1.Download Dog Data Recovery and install the software to your Windows desktop/laptop.

2.Run the application and stick to the main screen steps.

3.Make use of“Lost File Recovery”option to recover your cut files.

4.The software scans and shows all the logical and external drives present on your computer.

5.Choose the drive/device from where missing files are to be retrieved.

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6.The tool repeats the scanning process and shows all the missing files from the selected drive.

7.The lost files are displayed in two views“Data View”and“File Type”view.

8.Select the files which are to be recovered by switching between the two views.

9.At last,browse for the destination location to save your files although not to the same drive from where files were recovered from.

10.The tools also allows you to save the recovered files onto any other external storage drives like external hard drive,USB drives,CDs,DVDs,memory cards etc.

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Valuable Tips:

1.Stop using your storage drive after realizing file or data loss.

2.Make use of“Copy and Paste”method instead of“Cut and Paste”to avoid accidental data loss.

3.Equip your computer with UPS device to prevent loss of data due to sudden power failure while transferring files from one storage drive to another.


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