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Simple Ways to Recover Permanently Deleted Files/Folder in Windows 10/8/7/XP/Vista!


Some people like to use"Shift+Delete"button when they want to remove a file or folder from the computer,and some people keep the habit of regular emptying recycle bin to clear up some junk file.And sometimes,people just accidentally deleted some files from external storage devices such as USB flash drives,pen drives,memory cards,SD cards,etc.Folders or files deleted in these situations will be permanently deleted and can not be retrieved directly from recycle bin.Then it causes troubles for people to recover deleted files if they realized that they deleted a wrong folder in one of the above ways.

First,we would like to introduce you a free method to recover shift deleted files or recover permanently files or folders erased in other ways without software.When you delete a folder on your desktop with"Shift+Delete"button,you can retrieve them from Previous Versions easily as long as you remember the name of the deleted file or folder.Here we will show you how to make it.

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1.Firstly,create a new file or folder on the desktop and name it with the same name of the deleted file or folder.

2.Right-click the file and choose"Restore previous versions".Here Windows will search for and list the previous versions of the permanently deleted files or folder with different times and dates.

3.Choose the latest one and click"Restore"to recover permanently deleted files or folder with ease.

Way 2.Recover permanently deleted files or folders with EaseUS data recovery software

The first solution is only available for people who permanently deleted their files or folders from the desktop.If you failed to get back your folder with this solution,you can try to recover permanently deleted files or folder with DogDataRecovery Free.

This professional data recovery program is built to recover lost data from PC or any other removable storage media.It can rescue your data lost due to deletion,formatting or some other reasons.You can download it and try the guide below to recover permanently deleted files/folder in Windows 10/8/7/XP/Vista with simple steps.

The operation steps of DogDataRecovery Free for data recovery:

Step 1:Select hard drive to scan.

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Where the files are lost?Just select the hard drive or device to start data recovery.DogDataRecovery Free supports to recover lost data from PC/Mac,hard drive,USB flash drive,memory card,digital camera,external hard drive or other storage media.

Step 2:Select file types you want to recover.

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DogDataRecovery Free supports to recover all types of lost files including photos,documents,videos,audio,emails,archives.Select the file types you want to recover and click on“Scan”button to search lost files on your hard drive.

Step 3:Preview and recover lost files.

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Users can preview and save files after scanning.If users can’t find all lost files after quick scan,just try advanced recovery mode to find more lost files.

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