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Situations that lead to data loss from a NTFS drive


Data loss from NTFS drives mainly occurs due to human mistakes like unintentional deletion of files and folders or accidentally formatting the whole NTFS drive.

1.Another main cause of data loss is due to partitioning errors.Data may be lost or deleted while trying to re-partition the NTFS drive or trying to re-size or locate free space in the existing partitions

2.You may also end up deleting a wrong partition in place of the other one that contained important files

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3.Due to file system conversion of your partition from NTFS to another file system

4.Corruption caused to NTFS drive due to bad sectors on the hard drive making the data inaccessible

5.Due to operating system reinstallation or upgradation,which leads to formatting of NTFS partitions/drives or overwrites the existing data in the hard drive

6.File system corruption of NTFS drive due to severe virus infection or improper system shutdown

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