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Step-by-step instructions for exFAT data recovery


Few simple steps need to be followed,in order to get back data from your exFAT drive:

1.Plug-in the exFAT drive to your Windows laptop or PC,which has Dog Date Recovery application installed in it

2.Run the application to begin exFAT data recovery process

3.Choose either bDeleted File Recoverybor bLost File Recoverybbased on your instance

4.Tick the exFAT drive and click bNextb

Data Recovery

5.The software will scan the exFAT drive and recovers all deleted/lost files from it

6.Toggle between bData Viewbor bFile Type Viewbdecide the files that you want to restore

7.Preview retrieved files and save them

8.You may even compress recovered files before saving,but remember not to store it back to the same exFAT drive

Data Recovery                              Data Recovery

Important Tips:

1.Backup files before formatting the exFAT drive

2.If data loss happens then immediately stop using the drive


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