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Steps To Recover Files From Virus Infected Flash Drive


1.Download and install Dog Data Recovery software to your computer.

2.Connect USB drive to your computer from where files are to be recovered.

3.Launch the software and start the restore process by following the steps displayed on the screen.

4.You will see two options on the main screen,i.e.“Deleted File Recovery”and“Lost File Recovery”.

5.Select anyone out of the two to proceed further.

Data Recovery

6.The application now displays all the drives present in your Windows system.You can also see your connected USB drive.

7.Choose the USB drive and click“Next”.

8.Now you can see all the files present from the selected USB drive.Choose the files that you need to recover otherwise click on“Skip”to select all the file types by default.

9.Next window provides the list of found files in two different view types i.e.“Data Type”and“File Type”.

10.Choose from the list of files which you want to get back.

11.Preview the files and later save it to your desired location.

Data Recovery                          Data Recovery

Preventive Measures:

1.Avoid using USB on public computers and use it only with computers that are safe.

2.It is good idea to scan your USB drive before accessing files from it.


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