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Steps to recover files using the software


1、Download and install Dog Date Recovery software.

2、Run the software and follow the on screen procedures.

3、Make use of"Deleted File Recovery"option to recover your deleted PDF files or use"Lost File Recovery"option to recover your lost PDF files.

4、The application scans the entire system and displays all the logical and external drives present in it.

5、Choose the drive from which you want to recovery your PDF file.

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6、The recoverable files will be displayed in two views i.e."Data type"and"File type"view."Data type"will show you the actual folder name with its root files and in"File type"view all the files will be listed according to their file extensions.

7、Toggle between the two views types,to search and select the desired files that you need to recover.

8、You can also make use of raw search option,in order to search specific file type.

9、If you are searching for deleted files,then make use of"Deleted file"option to view only the deleted files and folders and can make recovery simple and easy.

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