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Steps to Recover Microsoft Visio Files


1.Download Dog Data Recovery software and install it to your computer.

2.Now run it and start the recovery by following the steps which you can see on the screen.

3.On the main window,you can see two options i.e.“Deleted File Recovery”and“Lost File Recovery”.

4.Choose“Deleted File Recovery”if you want to recover the Visio files that got deleted accidentally.

5.Select“Lost File Recovery”if you lost it due to formatting,power failure,reformatting etc.

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6.As soon as you click on the option,the software displays all the drives present in your system.

7.Choose the drive from where you want to recover Visio files.

8.Soon after selecting a drive you can see the progress of scanning on the screen.

9.After scanning process gets completed,you can see all the files present in the drive.

10.Search for the excel files that you want to recover and press“Next”to continue.

11.On the next window you can see all the recoverable VSD files.Choose the files that you need to retrieve and again click on“Next”.

12.Finally save the rescued files in a desired location.

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Precautions to be adapted:

1.After completing your work on Microsoft Visio,take the backup of it so that you can use it in future if data loss happens.

2.If you want to transfer Visio files from external drive to your computer,make sure that you don’t use“Cut”option.

3.Do not add anything on the storage device after you experience data loss from it.


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