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Steps to recover missing files


1.Download Dog Date Recovery and install it to your system although not on the drive from where you are recovering from

2.Open the application and follow the procedures

3.Use“Lost File Recovery”option to rescue your missing files

4.Choose the drive from where files are to be retrieved

5.The software scans and displays all the recoverable files from the selected drive

Data Recovery

6.View the recovered files in two view types i.e.data view and file type view

7.Switch between the two views to search,and select the desired files you want to recover

8.Preview the files before saving them

9.Browse for the destination location to save your recovered data but not to the one from where you are recovering from

10.You can also compress your files before saving to save memory

Data Recovery                                Data Recovery

Things to Remember:

1.Install a powerful antivirus software to remove deadly viruses

2.After any kind of file loss situation it is recommended to stop using the system

3.Protect your important files by making them as read only

4.Back up your important data before performing format,OS installation or file system conversion


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