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Steps to rescue deleted files from USB flash on Windows 7


1.Download Dog Data Recovery software and install it to your Windows 7 desktop/laptop.

2.Plug in your USB flash drive to the system and wait until it get detected.

3.Run the application and track the main screen instructions.

4.Two options,“Deleted File Recovery”and“Lost File Recovery”will be displayed on the main screen.

5.Select any option depends up on your data loss scenario.

Data Recovery

6.The tool scans and displays all the logical drives associated with Windows 7 system,including externally connected USB drive.

7.Choose the flash drive and click on“Next”option.

8.The software scans entire device and displays all the recoverable files in two different views,“Data View”and“File Type View”.

9.Preview the files and folders using“Preview”option and save the regained files to destination location(Do not save on the same USB flash drive which might leads to overwriting of data).

Data Recovery                          Data Recovery

Useful Tips:

1.Do not use USB flash drive to preserve new files after data loss.

2.Backup your valuable files,which acts as best insurance for your lost data.

3.Make use of genuine and updated anti-virus software to detect&remove virus.


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