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Steps To Rescue Your Password Protected Files


1.Download and install Dog Data Recovery tool in the system by logging as local system administrator.

2.Launch the tool with the help of shortcut icon that is placed in the desktop.

3.Follow onscreen instructions that are provided in main screen of recovery product.

4.Deleted File Recovery and Lost File Recovery options are present;you need to select the required option that has caused loss of password protected files.

Data Recovery

5.In the Next window the list of drives that are present in the system are provided,select the partition from where the password protected data is missing.

6.Now click on the Next button that will begin the scanning process.

7.Once the scanning process gets completed the restored files are listed.

8.Save retrieved password protected data to respective location as available to the user.

Data Recovery                      Data Recovery

Helpful Tips:

1.Don’t save the recovered files to the same location from where it got deleted.

2.Always keep your antivirus program updated to prevent file loss.

3.Keep backup of data in external drive and have it updated regularly.


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