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Three Seagate HDD Data Recover Steps


If you are using Dog Data Recovery Professional to recover lost data from a Seagate HDD,you need complete the process in three main steps.The whole process is very easy to handle.You should not be a data recovery expert,just follow the wizard to perform Seagate HDD data recovery safely and quickly.

 Step 1:Choose the hard drive you want to recover data from

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You may have multiple hard drives on your computer.Choose the one where you lost your files as the target hard drive to start recovery.The software will scan the drive you have selected and find lost files on it.

Step 2:Select the file types you want to recover

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Before start scanning,you have the chance to select file types you are looking for.It will speed up the process,and help you get a more focused scanning result.

Step 3:Preview and recovery

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Preview the found files and save the files that you want to your hard drive.

If you can't find the files you want after a quick scan,just try advanced recovery mode with a deep scan.It will take a long time to complete a deep scan,based on how many files were stored on the hard drive and the capacity of your Seagate HDD.Dog Data Recovery Professional can't find every recoverable file on your Seagate HDD.But please be patient,it takes time.Of course,you can find other Seagate HDD data recovery solution,but Dog Data Recovery Professional is the outstanding one.If you want to recover deleted,formatted or inaccessible data from Seagate HDD,just download this software.

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