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Three Steps Recover Lost Files


 Step 1:Tell where you lost the files

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Select the location where is your lost files preciously stored on.Many of users who lost files after Windows 10 driver update lost files from desktop or C drive.Just select the location to start recovery.

Step 2:Select file types

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Select the files types that you want to recover,such as emails,documents,videos,music,images,archives,etc.

Step 3:Preview and recovery

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Dog Data Recovery Professional lets you preview the files before you decide to recover them.

We agree that not all the driver updates in Windows are necessary.Some driver updates like security driver updates are good,but some of other mandatory driver updates may not necessary.If you have lost files after drivers update,just download our program.It will help you safely recover files after upgrading Windows 10 drivers.It also can recover deleted or formatted files from any kind of disaster.

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