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Three Steps to Recover Lost Files Erased by CCleaner


Dog Data Recoveryis very easy to use.When you find your files are cleaned by CCleaner,just download and install Dog Data Recovery on your computer.It takes on three steps to recover your files.

Step 1:Choose a hard drive to start recovery.The hard drive should be the one where you lose your files.For example,you the CCleaner delete the system files,you just select the C drive as the data recovery drive.

Step 2:Select file types.Dog Data Recovery allows you to select the files types before scanning the hard drive.After selection,you can click on“Scan”button to scan the hard drive.

Step 3:Preview and recover files.This step is easy,just preview the recoverable files after scanning and save the desirable files to your computer.

CCleaner data recovery becomes easy when you are using Dog Data Recovery data recovery software.If the CCleaner or other cleaner software has removed your important files from your computer,just download and try Dog Data Recovery.Don’t waste your time on other CCleaner data recovery solution,Dog Data Recovery offers efficient and easy solution for you to get your files back.


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