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Three Steps to Restore Missing PowerPoint Files


You can download Microsoft PPT file recovery software by clicking the following download button.It is very simple to use.You should not be a data recovery expert.You can easily run it to restore missing PowerPoint files on your Windows PC or OS X Mac.Here are the three main steps to recover deleted or lost PowerPoint files.

Step 1:Choose a hard drive to scan

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Can you remember where you lose your PowerPoint files?Just select the hard drive or device where you lose your PowerPoint files to start recovery.

Step 2:Select file type

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If you want to speed up the recovery process,just select"Documents Files"as the file type that you want to recover.

Step 3:Preview and recovery

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After scanning,you can preview the PowerPoint files,and save them.

Dog Data Recovery software will quickly find and restore missing PowerPoint files.After saving the PowerPoint files,you'd better make backups of them or you will lose them again.Backup your PowerPoint files to another disk drive or make backup images with backup software.When you lose PowerPoint files,just perform PowerPoint file recovery with Dog Data Recovery software as soon as possible.

After completing Microsoft PPT file recovery,you can keep Dog Data Recovery software on your computer.It is not only a Microsoft PPT file recovery tool,but also an all-around data recovery software program.It can recover all types of lost files such as emails,photos,videos,audio or other files from your PC,Mac,hard drive,storage device due to deletion,format,virus infection,OS crash or other reasons.

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