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U disk prompts formatting, how to restore the data?


Computer hints cannot be read on the U disk connection.Can you use it after formatting?Ladies and gentlemen who often use U disk,mobile storage will meet this situation,no matter how big brand U disk,mobile storage can appear"prompt can not read,please formatting".

In fact,formatting is not a big problem,but the most important problem is that after formatting,all the data in the U disk is empty,and formatting is to reset the data in the U disk and redistribute it.

Users do not safely withdraw from the U disk,mobile storage,directly force the device to remove the device from the computer's USB connection,the next U disk connected to the computer will prompt"unreadable,please format to use".

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The correct operation is that the U disk is first deleted and popped out,and then the U disk is removed from the USB connection of the computer.This method can not only reduce the appearance of the above situation,but also increase the service life of the U disk.

Formatting means that the data in the U disk will be reset,and all the data will be erased.What about the important data in the U disk?Is there any way to recover the data prompted for formatting the U disk?Here,the little editor introduces a high efficient,simple,efficient,fast,free data recovery software,DogDataRecovery Free,to retrieve all the files that are prompted to format the U disk,such as pictures,movies,recorded video,music and many other file types.Besides implementing data recovery,you can continue to use U disk.

DogDataRecovery Free is very easy to use and 100%free,so it is worth to try no matter what the data loss situation is.It even can recover lost data from deleted or lost partition.

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