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Undelete Files from Windows Server 2003


Windows Server 2003 is a powerful operating system designed by Microsoft,which is mainly used to handle internet hosting,corporate networking,database,enterprise messaging and many other functions.However important files are deleted even from these powerful Server machines.Hence having backups is extremely essential.In case any files are erased from your Windows Server 2003 system without backup,then follow the below techniques to get them back.

Navigate to your network drive where the deleted files were located->Right click on any open area and choose properties from the explorer menu->A window pops up displaying properties of the folder,click on“Previous Versions”tab->Then,it displays a list of previous version of files and folder from that drive->Pick the most recent version and copy and paste the files to your desired location.

However previous versions will only appear on file and folders and is not applicable for libraries or physical drives.So in case this method doesn’t help you in your recovery process,then you need to use file recovery software like Dog Data Recovery to retrieve your deleted files back.

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Dog Data Recovery is an amazing tool,which helps you to rescue the data from Windows Server 2003 system.It deeply scans the selected storage media to find and extract all types of files like MS Office files,songs,videos,movies,text files,etc.It has ability to get back deleted,lost or missing files and folders from Windows Server 2003 hard drive and other storage media including external hard drives,flash drives,memory cards and FireWire Drives.Other than Windows 2003,Dog Data Recovery software runs compatibly on Windows Server 2008,Windows XP,Windows Vista,Windows 7 and Windows 8.The application also supports files deleted due to below scenarios:

1.Shift deleted files from computer hard drive or files deleted from Command Prompt.

2.Files removed by harmful virus or computer worms.

3.Files erased by antivirus program while scanning your system.

4.Items emptied from Windows Recycle Bin without verifying its contents.

5.Application malfunction,software failure and many other reasons.

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