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Unsaved Word Document Recovery


Well,this is a common mistake everyone does.At times,when your system shuts down suddenly,or the power goes off,even then you lose Word file if you haven’t saved it.Accidents can happen anytime;we need to find a way to get back unsaved Word files.We tell some methods by which you can recover unsaved Word documents.

Method 1:Using AutoRecover option

AutoRecover is an inbuilt feature provided by Microsoft Word,which makes a temporary copy of the Word file.So even when the Word document is closed without been saved,a temporary copy of the file will be available.You can recover your Word document using the AutoRecover option.The default location of the file will be:C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Word\

Method 2:Using AutoSave option

If you were unable to recover unsaved Word document using the first method,then try this out.AutoSave is like AutoRecover,available from Microsoft 2010 version onwards.This option also helps to recover unsaved Word file.Open MS Word,go to File–Info–Manage Versions,and select Recover Unsaved Document option.The default location for this is–


This method is just selecting the draft,and opening it with a new MS Word document,and saving it with a proper name.Copies of these unsaved files are kept for four days only after which they get deleted automatically.So if you want to recover an unsaved Word file after four days,then you cannot use this method.

Method 3:File Recovery tool to Restore Unsaved Word document

Dog Data Recovery software is an efficient File recovery software that scans the entire drive deeply to retrieve your unsaved Word files on Windows OS.Even deleted Word docs can be recovered easily by this tool.Apart from Word file,this application also retrieves deleted or lost Excel files,PowerPoint files,Access files,PDF docs,etc.,from various storage mediums.This utility looks for the file on the basis of unique file signature.

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