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Usage steps of Dog Data Recovery


1.Download and install the Dog Data Recovery software on the computer.

2.Plug in the thumb drive to the system and run the software.

3.Select“Delete File Recovery”from the main screen to recover deleted files.

4.Select the icon of thumb drive from the next screen of the software and proceed.

Data Recovery

5.The software scans the thumb drive and displays all the deleted files on the software wizard.

6.Select the ones that you want to restore on your storage device.

7.Save the files by specifying a path on a drive of the computer other than the thumb drive.

Data Recovery                          Data Recovery


1.Always have a habit of safely removing thumb drive from the USB port.

2.Do not use the thumb drive frequently on different devices or operating systems.

3.Keep scanning the thumb drive regularly to keep the drive clean from virus and avoid file corruption.


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